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Written by Youth Trends Analyst, Graham Brown

youth trends analyst graham brown
* Digital anthropologist, author and researcher with a background in brand marketing, mobile psychology and social technology

* 15 Years writing and research at mobileYouth

* Client roster includes Microsoft, Vodafone, Nokia, Visa, UNICEF, Intel, Telenor, Amazon, Hewlett Packard, Dell and Google

* Former advisor to United Nations on youth technology programs

* Judge on Mobile Marketing Association’s Award Panel

* Published author. Book sinclude “The Youth Marketing Handbook”, “Youth Marketing 101″, “Fans: from Liked to Loved”, “Many to Many” and “All is Social”

“He’s surely one of the most knowledgeable people that truly get the youth mindset, having worked in the youth space for over a decade”
– Marc Kornberger, CEO Student Village

What Youth Marketing Industry Colleagues Said About Me

“When introduced to some mobile biz dev expert or fanciful global brand director, the first filter I apply is: ‘oh, you must know my mate Graham?’ There is no excuse to not know him, especially as he has long shared his insights, stories, pictures, and deep knowledge with one and all.” – Edward O’Meara, SVP Wunderman Network

“We invited Graham to Finland to give a key note speech on youth marketing. He received excellent feedback from the audience as well as provided us with brilliant insights on youth marketing.” – Mikko Ampuja, Youth Marketing Insights Finland

“He’s surely one of the most knowledgeable people that truly get the youth mindset, having worked in the youth space for over a decade” – Marc Kornberger, CEO Student Village

“You connect the dots all over the world and share it with others. It’s in the frontline, it’s integral to what’s happening.” – John Waraniak, SVP Technology, SEMA

“Worked with our team in a professional and methodical manner which we found valuable and inspiring.” – Daniele Roma, Segment Manager, Nokia Brasil

“Very helpful in the development of Vodafone’s approach to delivery of content in a responsible manner” – Caroline Dewing, Corp Comm Mgr Vodafone

What Readers Said About My Books

“If you’re happy to continue paying for sex that leaves your brand empty on the inside, crying itself to sleep at night, don’t bother reading this book. However, if you want to build a brand with soul then buy this book before advertising agencies find a way to silence them forever” – Jamal Benmiloud VP Marketing, Monster Energy Drinks

“Graham Brown paints a remarkable series of stories that gets the reader right into the minds of young people.” – Marc Kornberger, CEO Student Village

“This book offers instant texture to anyone confused by THE core technology driver: MobileYouth.”- Edward O’Meara, SVP Wunderman Network and Global Marketing Director GSMA

“We had amazing success based on your Youth Marketing Handbook, so much so that it showed the ineffective results from a large agency approach” – Paul O’Shannessey, CEO & Founder Skinny Mobile

“Anyone needing to market their product to a young demographic has simply got to check out this book” – Nick H. Amazon

“Brown gets to the prime motivators: he is focused on the why, and what mobile use means to young people around the world. He generally looks at this adoption as beneficial and, frankly, inevitable despite earlier generations’ concern about such technological progress polluting our youths’ minds.” – Amazon Review

“Readers will feel like they are in the midst of the very gangs, high rises, and religious fanaticism that these youth live amongst, and you will be amazed at how these teenagers use mobile phones in creative, ingenious ways.” – Rachel Aderholdt, Amazon

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