The Total Youth Trends Report 2015

Everything You Need to Understand Youth in 2015

The Rules Have Changed…

  • Are you frustrated with your efforts to get youth interested in your marketing?
  • Are you living in constant fear of the next technology or consumer trend that could radically change your marketing mix for Generation Y?
  • Do you feel that engaging youth can appear obscure or difficult to quantify? It can seem like a mystical art, performed by sorcerers, that works for other businesses but not yours.

There was a time you could engage youth by partnering with a good ad agency, getting your “big idea” airplay on MTV or creating some cool “experiential” campaign… but not anymore. The average American sees  170,000 marketing messages by her 17th birthday . She only pays attention to 5% of the information she is “aware of”. So how do you get into that 5%?

The Total Youth Trends Report 2015 helps you tackle the core challenge of every youth focused business – getting into that 5% by engaging the next generation of young customers on meaningful terms *and* creating loyalty. In this 500 slide presentation you’ll learn everything you need to know about Gen Y and Gen Z for 2015.

About The Author of The Total Youth Trends Report 2015

Graham Brown
Author and digital anthropologist with 15 years working in the field of brand experience and consumer research. Writing best-selling publications like “The mobileYouth Report”, “The Youth Marketing Handbook”, “Fans: from Liked to Loved”, “Many to Many” and “The Mobile Youth: Voices of the Mobile Generation” since 2001.

  • Digital anthropologist, author and researcher with a background in psychology and social technology
  • 15 Years writing and research at mobileYouth
  • Client roster includes Microsoft, Vodafone, Nokia, Visa, UNICEF, Intel, Telenor, Amazon, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Google
  • Former advisor to United Nations (UNICEF) on youth technology programs and Judge on Mobile Marketing Association’s Award Panel

What the Industry Says

Testimonials from Clients and Readers
client logos total youth research
He’s surely one of the most knowledgeable people that truly get the youth mindset, having worked in the youth space for over a decade
– Marc Kornberger, CEO Student Village
If you’re happy to continue paying for sex that leaves your brand empty on the inside, crying itself to sleep at night, don’t bother reading this book. However, if you want to build a brand with soul then buy this book before advertising agencies find a way to silence him forever
– Jamal Benmiloud ex-Vice President Marketing, Red Bull & Monster Energy Drinks
Graham worked with our team in a professional and methodical manner which we found valuable and inspiring
– Daniele Sene Grandi, ex-Segment Manager, Nokia Brasil
When introduced to some mobile biz dev expert or fanciful global brand director, the first filter I apply is: ‘oh, you must know my mate Graham?’ There is no excuse to not know him, especially as he has long shared his insights, stories, pictures, and deep knowledge with one and all
– Edward O’Meara, Senior Vice President, Wunderman Network
We had amazing success based on your Handbook, so much so that it showed the ineffective results from a large agency approach.
– Paul O’Shannessey, CEO & Founder Skinny Mobile
You connect the dots all over the world and share it with others. It’s in the frontline, it’s integral to what’s happening.
– John Waraniak, Senior Vice President Technology, SEMA

Who’s The Report Written For?

Typical Clients
    • Brand managers
    • Consumer insights managers
    • CMOs and VPs marketing
    • Technologists and startups
    • Youth outreach workers and pastors
    • Social scientists, ethnographers and digital anthroplogists
    • Government agencies and non-profits e.g. health and education
    • Gen Y specialists e.g. consultants and agencies

What’s Inside The Report?

the total youth trends report 2015

Look at These Sample Slides

the total youth trends report

The Ultimate Guide to Youth Trends in 2015

total youth research millennials generation y trends report

Plus! Get These Free When You Buy The Report

McDonald's: Why Millennials Ain't Lovin' It (PDF)
Why are Millennial customers not going to McDonald’s like they used to? What is behind the shift in Gen Y purchase behavior that’s driving the popularity of competitors like Starbucks and Chipotle Mexican Grill? Why doesn’t Generation Y want its food cheaper and faster? What are the 3 areas McDonald’s needs to focus on now to win over the hard-to-please Millennial customer?
The 5 Myths of Gen Y Exploded (Ebook PDF)
Don’t miss out on the $10 trillion Generation Y market. In my new book I’ll share with you insights into the most dynamic of all generations by exploding the myths, cutting through the hype and setting the record straight. In this 90 page PDF I explode the 5 key myths about Gen Y Millennials from the myth of the Digital Native, to the myth that they’re “cheap”.

We’ll look at the key motivators of Gen Y that drive them to adopt new technologies, choose brands and influence their friends. We’ll also look at which brands are getting it right, and what lessons we can learn from their success in engaging young customers.

Mobile Youth: Voices of the Mobile Generation (Ebook PDF)
Mobile technology has taken the globe by storm, and youth are at the forefront of a revolution. “The Mobile Youth – Voices of the Mobile Generation” will not only entertain you but will prove a thought-provoking and inspiring read. 10 Stories revealing the emotional relationship between young people and their mobile phones.

Mobile Youth will take you on a journey through the deserts of Saudi Arabia, the urban explosion of Tokyo, and the dangerous alleyways of Rio di Janeiro. Readers will feel like they are in the midst of the very gangs, high rises, and religious fanaticism that these youth live amongst. Prepare to be amazed by how these teenagers use mobile phones in creative, ingenious ways.

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