How to Build Trust with Millennials in 2015

how to build trust with millennials

We are seeing a sharp rise in social media services that offer young people discrete, off-radar social space. Snapchat is the hottest ticket in the youth market today. In its wake, a raft of new mobile apps that are winning Millennials over, building trust without asking for personal information. It’s the exact opposite of the Facebook strategy and it’s also a powerful lesson on how to build trust with Millennials in 2015; if you want to understand young people today, don’t insist on profiling them.

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generations y and z presentation

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7 Characteristics of Generations Y and Z

Gen Y Gen Z characteristics presentation

What defines Generations Y & Z? With influence over $10 trillion globally in spending both directly and indirectly, it’s more important than ever to understand how these generations think and feel. In this presentation, I highlight the 7 most important characteristics of Generations Y & Z for marketers and technologists to understand, based on my 15 years of youth research.

The 7 Secrets of the Youth Mobile Video Market

download 7 secrets of the the youth mobile video market presentation

In this latest presentation, we look at insights from the Total Youth Mobile Video Market. Key findings focus on how the youth mobile video market is often very different from how the adult world imagines it to be.

Youth Mobile Infographic: U R My Best Friend

total youth mobile report

Following the launch of my latest Youth Mobile Report, I’m sharing this youth mobile infographic about the Millennial & Generation Z mobile market. Mobile ownership across the board is nearing 100%, so the focus for consumer insights is less about volume and more on value. That means not how many Millennials have smartphones but *why* they use it.

How Millennials Use Snapchat

millennials snapchat statistics

Latest data from the Total Youth Mobile Report 2015 gives us a better insight into how Millennials use Snapchat. Rather than use Snapchat to network with strangers or their wider network, Millennials use the private messenger service to share content with their most intimate of friends.

7 Millennial Insights from the Total Youth Mobile Report (Presentation)

youth mobile report presentation

7 Millennial Insights from the Total Youth Mobile Report. With smartphone ownership nearing 100% in the Millennial market, what happens next? 97% of Millennials confessed using a smartphone in the bathroom. It’s a revealing statistic. Less so about their bathroom habits and more about their emotional relationship with the device.

Top 10 Total Youth Resources February 28, 2015

An Overview of the Youth Market Total Youth Research covers the latest insights and trends for the global youth market. Our research covers both Generation Y (millennials) and Generation Z (pre-teens). To get up to speed on the most important youth trends in technology and marketing get a copy of our Total Youth Trends Report […]