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Millennials and Their $1 trillion Buying Power

millennials buying power

Estimates value the buying power of the millennial market at around $1.3 trillion in the US. That would translate to around $10 trillion globally.

When considering Millennial buying power, we need to look at the numbers in 3 ways: Millennials and direct spending, Millennials and their influence on other people and The lifetime value of the Millennial market. This article looks at these 3 aspects of Millennials and their buying power.

How to Market to Students (the Apple Way)

how to market to students

Students have historically been at the forefront of change in both marketing and technology. SMS, MP3 file sharing, Facebook, messenger, Amazon, Apple, Red Bull plus numerous other brands all found their initial marketing beachhead in the student market. Unlocking this valuable market not only gives you access to $100 billion in spending right now but also a springboard into long term valuable relationships in both the adult and business market.

In this article I look at just how Apple does it, and the approach may surprise you… Apple doesn’t even have an official Facebook Fan Page!

Millennial Generation Facts

millennial generation facts

Millennials are a $1 trillion market. Millennials are a key consumer demographic because a) they are now the biggest globally and b) their tastes and preferences are changing the way we do business. These facts are a sample of what’s available in my free book.

Generation Y Characteristics

Generation Y Characteristics

When it comes to understanding the characteristics of Gen Y Millennials, we need to look at them in the context of the media landscape because that’s where they overlap with our world of marketing. Millennials aren’t a different species. Their needs, wants and behaviors are timeless. What changes is how marketers and media can fulfill those needs.

How to Manage Millennials in the Workplace

how to manage millennials in the workplace

When it comes to managing millennials in the workplace, what do they want? Yes, you guessed it. Millennials no longer want jobs for life. But it goes beyond that. There are some deep-rooted rifts between the generations that media and analysts overemphasize. Not just in the workplace but in youth marketing too. In reality, they are more similar than we think, Millennials just express their priorities differently.

How to Market to Millennials



No wonder it’s hard to get through to Millennials. Those were the words of one Millennial subject in a study group focusing on Millennial perception of brands, marketing and advertising. But, it shouldn’t be this way. Our problem isn’t moody Millennials, but a lack of clarity in our own marketing.

Last week I was working with a telecoms client, helping them develop their youth offering. The marketing manager was buried under a mountain of reports and articles about Millennials and what tech brands should do.

* Should you get on Twitter?
* Should you market on Facebook?
* Should you sponsor the local music festival or football team?
And so on…

It’s a common occurrence, too many questions, too many options, too much noise.

We end up doing nothing.

In these situations I like to bring client back to their center and focus on what’s important. What’s important is the 3 key questions I addressed in the Total Youth Handbook:

* Who are they?
* What do they want?
* How do we give it to them?

Clarity is power. With these key questions in mind we can address how we can market to Millennial customers, because the question of “how to market” is the answer to all 3.

In this article I look at how you can answer those 3 key questions and provide 7 examples of how to market to Millennials, using marketing strategies employed by brands like Amazon, Red Bull and Southwest Airlines.

Read on to find out how to market to Millennials:

Millennials and the $335 Billion Sharing Economy

millennials and the sharing economy

Beyond the speculation and hype, there are fundamental changes in how we market our businesses and, importantly, how we marketers and brand strategists build relationships with Millennial Customers. These changes are the result of the Sharing Economy, both driven by Millennial customers and made possible by Millennial entrepreneurs.

Which Messaging App Dominates the Youth Market?

snapchat privacy youth

According to the latest data from the Total Youth Mobile Report, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp lead the way.

Snapchat Presentation

total youth research guide to snapchat

In this presentation, I look at the driving factors behind the Snapchat phenomenon and why youth are driving its success.