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100 youth market statistics

Free Ebook: 100 Youth Market Statistics

Get the latest data on the $10 trillion global youth market. 100 youth market statistics covering the latest trends for Generations Y and Generations Z. Topics covered include mobile apps, social media privacy, youth marketing and much more. 33 Page PDF compiled by youth marketing author Graham D Brown of Total Youth Research. FREE download, click the button below (no signup required).

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total youth mobile report

Sample PDF: The Total Youth Mobile Report 2015

What are the latest trends in the youth mobile market? How are mobile owning Millennials disrupting verticals like auto, healthcare and travel?

In this latest report, we provide up-to-date mobile phone statistics on both mobile ownership and apps popular with youth. This report aims to clarify the fast growing youth mobile market by removing the hype and speculation concerning smartphone use. I’ll also share the key social rules and drivers both brands and technologists need to consider when developing for and marketing to young consumers.

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total youth mobile video report

Sample PDF: The Total Youth Mobile Video Report 2015

85% of Millennials use mobile video but what’s driving the market and what are the latest trends? To understand where the market is heading we need to know the social drivers shaping youth behavior and the most popular usage scenarios.

In this report, we break down the mobile video market and analyze the 4 key usage scenarios for Millennials each with their respective key players. We also look at the critical social emotional motivations behind the latest trends in the mobile video market.

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total youth trends report

Sample PDF: The Total Youth Trends Report 2015

What are the most important youth trends shaping media, technology and marketing in 2015? No matter how cool your campaign, no matter how clever your technology, no matter how hot your ad agency is, if you want to reach the youth market in, you have to first understand their social motivations.

In this report we share the 33 key social trends in the youth market that are disrupting industries like automotive and launching challenger brands like Snapchat out of nowhere into the limelight. Learn the factors driving these trends and how you can use this knowledge in your marketing, consumer insights and product development.

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