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the 5 myths
* Are you looking to tap the $10 trillion youth market?
* Are you looking to build a loyal based of customers like Apple, Lego or Red Bull?
* Do you want to discover deeper insights from the hearts and minds of your younger customers?

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* Are you unsure what the best strategy is for communicating with young customers today?
* Are you concerned that you are venturing into a market that could damage your brand if you get it wrong?

The youth market can appear fickle and obscure.
But done right, you can grow your brand, word of mouth and discover new product innovations.


There is a lot of information out there but what is the truth?
Most research is funded by vendors who have products to sell.
The rest is often put together by outsourced teams in India.

With my research you buy my experience in marketing, technology and consumer behavior.

Total Youth Research only focuses on the youth market (age 13-24 yrs).

We don’t sell analyst hours, consultancy or any other services apart from what’s here on the site. That means you can rest assured you get what you pay for. There are no hidden agendas to hook you in – just solid research you can use out of the box.


I founded and wrote the first industry bestseller Mobile Youth reports way back in 2001 when people were still talking about “road warriors” and execs. When you buy my reports, you also buy my ability to identify the important trends based on years of working with clients and understanding their needs.

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